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Assault Charges Defense in Houston Texas

It’s not easy when you or a loved one in Houston is facing assault charges in Texas. Violent offenders can face harsh penalties if they are convicted. This makes it important to have an experienced assault charges defense attorney from the Law Offices of Diana E. Sims by your side. She has years of experience and can protect your legal rights every step of the way. She fully understands all assault laws in the State of Texas and can uphold them in all legal proceedings on her clients’ behalf.

Understanding Assault

Assault occurs when someone threatens to use violence or makes someone fearful of violence occurring. If you place someone in fear of harm, this is assault in Texas. Texas criminal state classifies threats of harm as simple assault. More severe circumstances lead to an aggravated assault charge. Assault charges occur when there isn’t any contact while battery charges are brought when they are. Hiring an experienced assault charges attorney allows you to get reduced or dismissed charges. Our experienced law firm can prepare a successful defense that gives our clients an opportunity for less fines too. 

What Is an Aggravated Assault Attorney?

Aggravated assault is a felony in Texas that involves the intent to commit a serious crime or harm with any type of weapon. This crime involves serious bodily injury, which is defined as an injury that creates a risk of death or serious disfigurement or impairment. This second-degree felony carries a punishment of 2 to 20 years and fines of up to $10,000. This criminal charge can become a first-degree felony if the person uses a deadly weapon during a family violence assault and causes harm or commits this act against a public official, informant, or witness to any crime. This can lead to 5 to 99 years in state prison and fines of up to $10,000.

About Assault & Battery Defense

Self-defense is the most common defense for this charge. In order to establish self-defense, there must be a threat of unlawful force or harm was against the defendant, a real perceived fear of harm to themselves, or there was no chance for the defendant to retreat or escape the situation. The defense of other is another defense strategy that can be used. The defense of one’s property can be used if someone had to use reasonable force in defense of their property. Consent is the last most common defense strategy used.

When Do I Need an Assault Attorney?

As soon as you are accused of assault in Houston, you need legal counsel by your side. Our Houston Texas assault attorney can help you to get a lessened charge by investigating your case thoroughly. Assault charges can change someone’s life. We can work toward minimizing your charges. The prosecution must prove that you committed the crime beyond a reasonable doubt. Our team will devise customized defense strategies in order to make sure that you have the best possible case possible.

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