You Can't Fight Your DWI Ticket on Your Own

Enlist the help of a criminal defense attorney in Houston, TX

Getting a DWI ticket can feel like the end of the world, but the Law Office of Diana E. Sims will fight to give you a second chance. Our DWI attorney understands how law enforcement collects evidence and can explore possible defenses. She has represented countless clients just like you in Houston, TX, Rive Oaks, and the surrounding areas.

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Can you get your DWI case dismissed?

It's difficult but not impossible. Our DWI attorney can attempt to prove that...

  • Your blood or breath test results are inaccurate
  • Your arresting officer didn't have probable cause
  • Your arresting officer misinterpreted your field sobriety test performance
Leave the fact-finding to us. Contact the Law Office of Diana E. Sims in Houston, TX today to schedule a consultation.