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Being convicted of a crime comes with various penalties. Someone with a criminal record might find themselves having a hard time finding a job. Many people don’t know that they can get their record cleared or even sealed in Houston, allowing them to move forward with their life long after their conviction. If you need to remove a criminal charge from your record, the Law Offices of Diana E. Sims can help. Our experienced expunction lawyer has years of experience helping individuals like you.

How Our Expunction Lawyer Can Help with Your Criminal Record Expunction

In Texas, there are several ways that you can keep a criminal record from affecting your life. With criminal record expunction, if you were found not guilty or acquitted of an offense, you may be able to have the charge permanently removed from your record. With non-disclosure, an individual that was convicted may be able to have their record sealed allowing them to legally not disclose their arrest on many different official documents. With the help of our expunction lawyer, you can put this situation behind you and clear your criminal record easily.

Understanding Expunctions

Expunction is a process where an individual with a criminal record gets their record cleared. When this record is expunged, there is no record for the public to find and the release of these records is prohibited. Under Texas expunction law, you can have your record cleared if the offense occurred when you were a juvenile and the offense was a misdemeanor committed before age 17, a violation of the Alcohol Beverage Control Code or a violation by a minor for failure to attend school as well as other crimes such as theft of less than $100, disorderly conduct, driving without a valid drivers license and public intoxication, to name a few. To have a criminal record expunged, you must apply separately for each offense on your criminal record.

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