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Robbery Charges

Robbery Charges Defense in Houston Texas

Robbery is defined as the use of force or intimidation to take someone’s personal property in or around Houston. To prove this criminal charge, a prosecutor must show that a defendant used this tactic to cause fear, their property was taken in their immediate presence, the victim feared an injury, and the defendant tried to or escaped with the stolen property.A robbery charges defense attorney such as one from the Law Offices of Diana E. Sims can represent clients in Harris County with these types of criminal charges.

Possible Defenses to Robbery Charges

Attorney Diana Sims has years of experience devising defense strategies for her legal clients. Some possible defenses include that no theft was committed. If there was no theft, then essentially there is no robbery. Another defense is that no injury occurred, which is required for this type of conviction. Some other defense strategies can include intoxication, entrapment, or duress. Our robbery charges defense attorney understands all criminal law in the State of Texas and can create customized defense strategies that strengthen your case in Houston.

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