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Defense for Charges of Sex with a Minor in Houston, Texas

In the state of Texas, the penalties for sexual offenses involving minors are very severe. Sexual contact between an adult and a minor or sexual contact between two minors can occur as a result of a misunderstanding. Despite this misunderstanding, one can still be charged with illegal sex with a minor. Such a charge, and subsequent conviction,can make it impossible to pursue certain types of employment or to obtain a professional license – and it may also mean one must register as a sex offender.  If you’re facing charges of a sexual offense against a minor, you must talk with an attorney immediately. The Law Office of Diana E. Sims of Houston, Texas can provide you with the expert legal advice you need.

Defense Attorney for Indecency with a Child

If someone has contact of a sexual nature with a minor who is age 17 or younger, but there is no intercourse or penetration, the charge that is filed is referred to as “indecency with a child". While this is a lesser charge than that of rape or sex with a minor, it is still a very serious charge and is usually either a third degree or second-degree felony. You are also likely to be required to register as a sex offender, at least for a period of several years. Defense of this charge usually involves questioning the accusations of the victim. This means that you need the experience of an attorney who understands sex crimes law and who will formulate the best possible defense for your case. You’ll find this type of attorney at the Law Office of Diana E. Sims.

Statutory Rape Law

Statutory rape is defined by the law as sexual relations between an adult and someone who is below the “age of consent", which, in the state of Texas, is seventeen years of age. This only applies if the person charged and the victim are not married. A defense can usually be found in this case if the person charged is not more than three years older than the victim, and the victim is at least fourteen years of age. Statutory rape is a serious offense and carries with it a penalty of imprisonment from two to twenty years.  Force is not required for a person to be charged with statutory rape.

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