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Theft Charges

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At the Law Offices of Diana E. Sims, we have a team of experienced theft lawyers ready to help you fight your criminal charges in the State of Texas. We have countless years of experience in representing those facing serious crimes. We have represented many individuals who needed legal expertise and our team of criminal defense lawyers understands all theft laws in the State of Texas. We work diligently in order to develop a defense strategies and to protect your legal rights throughout the entire process.

Understanding Theft

Theft is a crime where someone takes another’s property without the owner’s permission. This can include larceny, burglary, or robbery. When someone commits theft in Texas, they have stolen someone’s belongings with the intent to resell them. Regardless of your situation, you need an experienced theft lawyer in Houston by your side during this difficult time. The severity of your charges will depend on the value of the item or items that were stolen while the crime was being committing.

Penalties Associated with Theft

In Texas, offenders can receive a Class C misdemeanor all the way to a first-degree felony. There are guidelines based on the value of the property taken. The lowest crime is Class C for $50 or less, and felonies begin with $1,500 or more all the way up to $200,000 or more. This penalty depends on who the defendant is and why they stole the property. The penalty may be bumped up depending on the circumstances of the case. These guidelines are meant to be followed; however, they may vary, making it important to hire an experienced theft lawyer to represent you who understands these differences.

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