Who's a Good Defense Attorney in Houston, TX?

Attorney Sims will defend you like a family member

If you find yourself on the wrong side of the law in the greater Houston, TX area, including neighborhoods like River Oaks, seek help from an experienced criminal defense attorney. At the Law Office of Diana E. Sims, you'll get personalized guidance from a defense attorney with over two decades of experience.

Attorney Sims will personally handle your case. She excels in representing clients who are facing...

Consult her today so she can start building your defense. Our office is located in the heart of Houston, near the River Oaks neighborhood.

Domestic Violence

Serious accusations call for serious representation.

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Learn how attorney Sims will fight your charges.

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Drug Crimes

Attorney Sims is well-versed in search-and-seizure laws.

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Criminal Defense

One mistake shouldn't haunt you forever.

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Get to know attorney Sims

Our criminal defense attorney's stellar reputation precedes her. Attorney Sims's clients praise her for being...

"A solid choice for representation"

"A friend in [their] darkest hour"

"A lawyer with a good heart"

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Case dismissed!

Attorney Sims always gives her best effort. Although no results are guaranteed, she has successfully argued for many of her clients' cases to be dismissed.

When you need help getting out of legal trouble, you should retain a skilled defense attorney in Houston, TX. Call 713-236-9800 now to schedule a consultation with attorney Sims. We work with clients from River Oaks and all neighborhoods of the Houston area.