Move Forward With a Clean Slate

Work with an expunction attorney in Houston, TX, located near the River Oaks area of the city

One stain on your criminal record can have a significant impact on your future. By working with the right attorney, you may have a chance to wipe the slate clean by pursuing expunction. The Law Office of Diana E. Sims is ready to argue your case in front of a judge. Attorney Sims provides criminal defense services for clients seeking an expunction in the Houston, TX area.

To move into the future with a clean record, you need to work with an expunction attorney. Set up an appointment with attorney Sims today to get started.

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Open doors for your future

If your charges are dismissed and wiped from your record, you can take advantage of a wide range of opportunities. With a clean criminal record, it's much easier to find...

  • Job opportunities
  • Living arrangements
  • Loan opportunities

You need a criminal defense lawyer to help you pursue expunction. Attorney Sims will provide you with dedicated, personalized service every step of the way.
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