Accused of Domestic Violence? Then Turn to Attorney Sims.

She handles domestic violence cases in the greater Houston, TX area

The criminal justice system was founded on the principle that defendants are innocent until proven guilty, including domestic violence defendants. Your loved ones might not hold the same beliefs, so it's smart to share your legal concerns with a domestic violence attorney in Houston, TX before anyone else.

The Law Office of Diana E. Sims considers both sides of the story in domestic violence cases. To build your defense, attorney Sims will ask you questions like...

  • Did the incident occur?
  • Did you act in self-defense?
  • Did you intend to injure your loved one?
Please be open and honest when speaking with our domestic violence attorney. She's got your back no matter what.

Call 713-236-9800 now to make an appointment with her. Her office is located near the River Oaks area of the city.

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What are our clients saying?

We work hard to achieve a positive outcome in domestic violence cases in the Houston, TX area. A noteworthy victory in 2016 came in the form of dismissed aggravated assault charges.

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