Have You Been Arrested for Theft?

Speak with a criminal defense attorney in Houston, TX

The moment you're arrested for left, your freedom is in jeopardy. That's why you need a criminal defense attorney by your side. The Law Office of Diana E. Sims in Houston, TX offers dedicated legal services to help you argue your innocence. Attorney Sims will fight for your rights every step of the way and do everything she can to advocate for you in the courtroom.

If you're being charged with theft, attorney Sims can help. Schedule a consultation with her today by calling 713-236-9800.

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Avoid incriminating yourself upon arrest

Being arrested is overwhelming and stressful. Plus, if you speak freely to police officers and answer all their questions without hesitation, they can use those words against you in court. You will likely incriminate yourself, whether you committed the crime or not.
If you're arrested on suspicion of theft, you need to...

  • Listen to law enforcement and cooperate with their instructions
  • Ask to speak with a theft attorney, then call 713-236-9800
  • Remain silent until attorney Sims arrives to represent you

Attorney Sims will help you build your criminal defense and present your case in front of a judge. To obtain legal services, contact our office today.